The site is separated into sections:

The unabridged list of all observations at Chesterfield and around the country from 1981 to 2007. This section is included for completeness but can be "heavy going" particularly from 1987 onwards as not all consists are of complete sets. Selective vehicles are included if they were a first time sighting, a renumbering or a first time sighting at Chesterfield.

Observations at stations around the country. This section lists complete sets most with the train locomotive and the working if known.

Lists of complete consists of sleeper workings on the West Coast, East Coast, South West and Scottish Internal lines with train locomotives and the working if known.

The Rolling Stock Observer - introduction

Greetings! Not only did I mis-spend my youth trainspotting but I also mis-spent it "collecting" coaching stock numbers. I have a fascination with numbers (somebody has to), I love writing them down and trying to observe as many as possible. I traipsed round carriage sidings in the dead of night, visited scrapyards and railway depots for those elusive departmental vehicles, and had a wonderful and exciting time.

What is The Rolling Stock Observer?
Detailed observations of passenger and non-passenger carrying coaches and departmental stock observed at Chesterfield and around the country in the 1980s and beyond.

Who is it for?
I have no idea why anyone would be remotely interested in such a thing but if you want to know what coaches formed what trains and when then this may be a helpful piece of reference work - or it may not! It could be useful for historians, modellers and anyone requiring detailed information about railway operations from a bygone age - perhaps?